David Hoffmeister

We come in purpose to hear and follow the spirit. We are not the doer, we are ‘done through’. We have no goal in mind, but only desire to be in the presence of the spirit. You can allow everything to happen of itself. There is no need to try to make anything happen. Let the spirit guide you every step along the way... and trust. You will then be guided in the most miraculous ways and come to a direct experience of God!

David Hoffmeister’s own spiritual journey led him to investigate many different spiritual paths, until in 1986, he was guided to study A Course in Miracles in a deeply committed and passionate way. Through inspirational gatherings and retreats they hold around the world and an expansive Internet ministry, David and the Messengers of Peace now help people to awaken to the Knowledge of who they really are and to experience unconditional love, deep peace and radiant joy. For those who believe that happiness can be a permanent state of being, and whose ultimate goal is to attain full enlightenment in this lifetime, these teachers are indeed inspiring role models.

David Hoffmeister

David has traveled across the globe to share his message of unconditional love, peace and joy and to teach people how to live in the domain of the miraculous. David is accompanied by one or more of the Messengers of Peace, a small group of fellow teachers of the same message with whom he lives and teaches in the USA.

David’s message will appeal to anyone interested in discovering who they really are and why they are here having a human experience, particularly anyone studying A Course in Miracles, but David is as comfortable talking to young people delving into the metaphysics behind ‘The Matrix’ and other movies, which he uses as modern-day parables, as he is teaching older people who have dedicated their lives to following Buddhism, traditional Judeo-Christian religion or any other spiritual path. Anyone who has ever felt ‘there has to be a better way’ will resonate with David’s teachings and relaxed, gentle style of delivering them.


YouTubeDavid has recorded a number of inspirational videos that are well worth taking the time to watch.
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